Changes and a new site

Written by Ron Saikowski, March 21, 2019

After spending some time trying to work on this site, I've decided to start over on a new blog.

Sketchbook Gaming

Why the change?
The biggest reason for the change is I wanted something a bit simpler in terms of what I had to keep up with. I've always spent a good amount of time tweaking my blogs and it ends up consuming all my free time. I'm making a real effort to keep the new site simple and clean. No bells and whistles like I usually end up adding to my blogs.

The other factor is that I'm no longer able to provide much Magic the Gathering content.

What's the new site about?
My hobby adventures in the Warhammer 40k universe these days. Mainly Space Hulk and Kill Team.
The idea with the new site is to share the smaller, daily stuff we all do that makes up our hobby. The often mundane stuff that not many of us share because we are too busy trying to polish off our content and present these beautiful posts to our readers.

The new site is my way of sharing what I'm up to. It's all the same things we're all doing no matter if you're a pro painter or you're just starting with your first mini.

The new blog has an easy way to email me and I'm leaving comments turned on for people to share their thoughts as well.
I look forward to seeing everyone and what you're up to these days.

Happy gaming everyone!

Coming back to blogging and this site

Written by Ron Saikowski, March 14, 2019
Image credit: Games Workshop

Let's see here, what have I been up to this past year (goes by fast doesn't it)?
My last post outlined what was going on with me and all things hobby so I thought it best to post an update and let folks know where I'm at now.

Prioritizing free time
As the summer quickly approaches, I should have more free time on my hands. Enough that I can get back into blogging and posting the things I'm doing as a gamer. This wasn't possible before, but a few changes in work and life have prompted me to give this another go.

Facebook doesn't believe I am real... and still doesn't
I'm at a loss here. I know everyone on the planet uses it, but for some reason they just don't buy it that I'm a real person. Somehow, the stars and universe lined up just right a few months ago and I spent the afternoon on Facebook frantically trying to connect with folks in order to tie up loose ends. I did the best I could.

I also think I've been able to deactivate my account. To be honest, I'm not sure though.

All that being said, I've had enough of dealing with it and don't see myself chasing after Facebook anymore in order to get everything sorted out. All I was doing was posting my blog content onto that platform in the eternal chase for more followers.

I think I'm just going to focus on posting cool stuff here for now.

What projects am I involved in right now?

I no longer get to play Magic.
This one is kinda obvious. Not having a Facebook account (and being part of Magic Groups) has prevented me from connecting online with fellow players. This is both good and bad. I'll post about this in the coming weeks once I get a few more thoughts down about the whole thing.

I don't play much Space Hulk anymore.
Not that I don't like playing, because I still love the game. My friend and I have started playing Kill Team and we are completely into that for the time being. I'm sure we'll come back to Space Hulk and I'll certainly have posts about it when we do.

Playing Kill Team now.
With the release of Kill Team last year, my friend and I started playing it and quickly changed the rules in the very same way we did for Space Hulk. It's taken us a few months (almost six) to iron out the ruleset we enjoy playing, but we pretty much have it down now.

As far as the blog layout and design goes
I'm going to spend the next month doing a little house cleaning and sorting things out. I don't see myself making any sweeping changes right now, mostly just trimming and cleaning up.

In a nutshell...
1. Facebook is gone.
2. Magic the Gathering is mostly gone.
2. Space Hulk (using house rules) is still here.
3. Kill Team (using house rules) is in!

And most of all, I'm going to spend the time I have just posting about the stuff I'm working on. From working on terrain to miniatures and figuring out new rules to make the games I play the most fun.

The internet broke me and this blog

Written by Ron Saikowski, April 19, 2018
Image credit: Wreck it Ralph by Disney

It's obviously been a bit since I've last posted. There are a number of reasons for that, but I wanted to let folks know what's going on with the site here.

Fellwar Stone: A diamond in the rough

Written by Ron Saikowski, February 27, 2018
Image credit: Photo Illustration by me.

Fellwar Stones. Often overlooked in favor of "better" sources of mana, are a completely viable source of mana in any deck. That's my conclusion after doing some highly scientific research this past week. And by highly scientific, I mean I cruised the internet during lunch looking at deck photos.

Just what is the best way to shuffle?

Written by Ron Saikowski, February 24, 2018

Actually, the question should be, "What is the best way to shuffle with card sleeves?" For some reason, finding and perfecting a "good" method still eludes me. Because I can't seem to get my act together, I often suffer from mana screw.

Why goldfishing hurts more than it helps

Written by Ron Saikowski, February 23, 2018

Let's be honest, we all do it.
We sit down at the table, shuffle up our cards, deal out a hand and start playing a game of Magic ... without an opponent. We keep playing until we reach some arbitrary point when we decide we've accomplished what we set out to do. Whatever that may be.

Here's why the old art is better

Written by Ron Saikowski, February 19, 2018

That's right, the old Magic the Gathering card art is better. It's far better than what we have on cards today. While it may not be popular to say so, it's an opinion held by many (often in secret) and despite the fact that what makes art "good," is in many ways... subjective, I can explain exactly why the old art is better.

Making the Assault Cannon what it should be

Written by Ron Saikowski, February 16, 2018

Our go to weapon is the Heavy Flamer. It's the standard loadout for our Space Hulk squad. But swapping the Heavy Flamer out for an Assault Cannon offers a whole new set of options and benefits for the Space Marine player. It just needs to be tweaked a bit.