Artists specializing in Magic Card Alters

Below are a handful of Artists that specialize in altering cards. You'll find a link to their website with more info on their work, style, prices and availability for commissions.
All Artists are listed in alphabetical order.

If you're an artist and want to have your info added to the list... send me an email me
and include the following info:
Your Name or Company name and your website address (for more info about you)
Just make sure to include the phrase, "MAGIC CARD ALTERS" in your email so I know what to do with it!

NOTE:I have added a few artists that I've been able to find in my searches online. To be included in the list below, I used the criteria of the artist having updated their site within the past year at a minimum. I feel like an artist needs to have current work to display for a client to be able to accurately judge what they are commissioning. Last Edited: Dec 2017

If you're considering getting an alter done (and never have before):
What to look for in an artist before having your cards altered.

AC Alters
After Image Alters
Alien Eggplant MTG Alters
Alltimewonders MTG ALtered Art
Alters by Hootbot
Ameryana Magic the Gathering Alters
Ashnod's Alters: MtG Digital Alters
Bentistic MTG Alters
Bigup alters
BlackLion Alters
Black Wing Studio: MtG Card Alterations
Brossard MTG Alters
Bruno Prata - Altered cards MTG
CardLab Alters
Cathrine Makes MTG Alters
Cereal Alters
Custom Tokens - Mtg Altered - GnD Cards
D Art - Altered MTG Cards
DC Alters by Chris Dufour
DP Alters
Ellie Shakirova MTG Alterations
GK Alters
Jaclyn's Alterations and Art
Jaxie Designs: Mtg Altering
JB Alterz
JC Alters
Katie's Alters
KBird Alters
KEG Altered Cards
KittyK Mtg card alters
Klug Alters
Local Pro Alters
Luey Dragons MTG Alters
Mayte Alters
Mi Alters
MIB - MTG Alter
Modfly Alters
Mouse Alters
MRB Alters
MTG altered cards GR
MTG Alters- alters by Aaron Broughton
Mtg Alters By Kenny
Mtg Alters by Meggs
MTG Alters by Mel
Mtg alters - Spencer
MTG Card Alters by Carys
MTG Custom Altered Art
MTG Magic Altered Art - Chickmagnet
Mythic Alters
Nando Alters
Nate Hemenway MTG Alters
NordicQueen Mtg Altered Cards
Oz Alters MTG
Red MTG Card 3D and Paint Alters Philippines
Revelen's Light Alters
Rub3Do Alt+Ext Altered MTG Cards
Sablan MTG Alters
Salty Alters
Sandreline MTG Altered Cards
Scourge Alters
Sias Alters
Sk0oma Alters
Stef Margouya Alter
Sterni altered cards
Steve Morrison MTG Alters
Topless Alters
Valid Alters
Yurius MTG Alters

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