How I learned to play Old School online

Written by Ron Saikowski, January 12th, 2018

When I got back into Old School last year, I knew I was going to be playing the majority of my games online. I also knew absolutely nothing about how the process worked. A little bit of research was in order... actually a lot. Off to the great internet in search of wisdom I went.

A quick search and minutes later I knew how to set up my computer and camera to actually play a game online. After a few dry runs testing out my setup, I was good to go. But I still had no idea how to whole thing worked. How you "played." I mean I had an idea, but the specifics eluded me. To be honest, I felt a little stupid not knowing.

Just how do you go about playing online? For lack of a better way of saying it, what are the customs, common practices, expectations when playing online? I had no clue.

"When in Rome, do as the Romans do."

As the saying goes, I wanted to abide by the customs and practices already in place by those playing Old School Magic online. I was the new one here. I was the one entering this online community and I wanted to make sure I acted appropriately. If nothing else, I was looking for an idea of what to expect and what was going to be expected of me.

Then I stumbled onto a real gem... a YouTube video that helped me more than I ever imagined it would. It's by Edwin the Magic Engineer and comes in at under 10 minutes, but it's loaded with great info for anyone not familiar with the ins and outs of playing Old School online.

Screen capture of "Example of Playing 93/94 Old School Magic Online" by Edwin the Magic Engineer
It walks through the basics of finding an opponent online, setting up your match and actually playing your match. He talks about how the whole process works from discussing rules, to keeping track of life totals and how/where to place your library and graveyard.

He covers a few more things to keep in mind like lighting considerations and even goes over the process for using a Chaos Orb should you find yourself unaccustomed to how they work "online" like I was.

All in all, an amazing video for those of us getting into the online gaming world. In less than ten minutes, I went from having no real idea of how the whole process worked to understanding the basics and having a fairly good idea of what to expect. What more can you ask for really?

So a big thanks to Edwin for creating something as simple and truly helpful as this.
Stop by Edwin's YouTube channel and check out some of his other videos.

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IMAGE: The Prodigal Sorcerer visits Rome. Photo Illustration by me.
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