Should you be able to flame your own guys?

Written by Ron Saikowski, December 13th, 2017

Technically I know what the rules say. I know what you "should" do. But I still find myself asking the question... why can't I flame my own guys? Doesn't make sense to me. And by flame my own guys, I don't mean target them specifically.

I mean it shouldn't matter if they get caught in the blast or not. Everybody knows this is a high risk operation and that's saying it mildly. There's a real good chance (read 99.99999%) that nobody is coming home from this one.

Terminators don't go into this kind of operation thinking it's no big deal, we'll all be back by dinner recounting stories of today's crazy antics around the fireplace while the younger guys hang on every word. People are going to die.

Why is the rule there in the first place?
Does having the ability as the Marine player to flame a section of corridor or room with one of your fellow Marines in the area give you some kind of huge tactical advantage? If so, I don't see it. Odds are, you're gonna lose that guy anyway. If I do the math real quick, that's 20% of your team gone just like that in a 5-man squad.

Don't get me wrong, I don't go looking for the opportunity to blast my own guys, but if it happens... that's the cost of doing business in an environment like this. Everyone knows this. I can tell you that names are not written on lockers in permanent pen for Deathwacth Terminators assigned to space hulk duty. You don't live long enough.

If I'm the guy with the heavy flamer and hell breaks loose in front of me with Genestealers pouring down the hallway with mere seconds before we're all overrun and killed and I can prevent it by flaming the corridor... even with one of my own guys in it... I'm pulling the trigger.

In our games, we've eliminated the rule that says, "you can't flame your own guys." Or maybe a more appropriate way of thinking about it is... there will be collateral damage in operations like this.

I encourage you to try the same. Believe me, it's not gonna break the game. It will however make the Genestealer player act a bit differently though as he can no longer hide near your guys thinking he's safe from the heavy flamer because a Marine is in the blast area.

Space hulk duty is a violent, unforgiving assignment.
Not everyone is going to make it back.

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IMAGE: Space Hulk Ascension. Nobody does flame weapons better than Salamanders.
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