Playable Certification. Should we fund this?

Written by Ron Saikowski, December 13th, 2017

I stumbled onto this the other week, emailed the guys involved and asked if they minded if I posted about it here on my blog. Full transparency here: I am not involved in the kickstarter and have nothing to gain... I'm simply posting here to bring an awareness to the idea and raise the question to the community.

We all play Old School for different reasons, but we all treat our cards lovingly. Some of us live to "jailbreak" cards to be able to play with them. There's no greater joy than freeing them from a life doomed to be lived out in a tiny plastic coffin. We love to see those online posts showing priceless cards being freed from their coffins, sleeved up and on their way to a new home in someone's old school deck.

Come to think of it, are you using the right sleeves? Check here.

But the real question is this... if we value our cards as much as we do and we still want to play with them instead of seeing them resigned to a life in storage... shouldn't we be funding projects and ideas like this?

I've looked at their site and gone though the information they have so far. As of this posting, their kickstarter ends in a little over a week. They are no where near being funded to get this project up and running. Why is that? What is there or maybe what's not there that's keeping investors away?

Their Campaign section outlines the scope of the project and what it aims to accomplish:
Certification, Protection, Playability.

Their FAQs address a number of good questions about how the product will ideally function and hopefully be accepted by the community. But that's part of the problem I face when deciding to invest or not. I understand the reluctance of people to invest in something if they're not sure exactly how it will work or if it will even be accepted by the community in general once it becomes available. Makes complete sense.

Kickstarters come and go by the truckload these days. Everyone and their brother has an idea they want to see made with crowd funding. How do we as consumers decide what to invest in and what to pass on? Aside from the desire to see something we are passionate about come to life, I feel like it comes down to information. We're an information driven world these days and any lack of it can create a moment of hesitation. And that's enough to push people away. I don't want more questions, I want to see the answers.

We have a choice where we spend our money. What choose what we "invest" in. Even though we may have unanswered questions, I still wonder if investing in a project like this will help move our collective community closer towards accomplishing the things we say we want. To be able to play with our cards, to have some degree of certainty they are real, to have them safely sealed up and still be playable at the same time in any tournament anywhere we may go to play.

Is this the way to accomplish that? Are we looking at the future of card certification, protection and playability here? If so, is it something we as a community want to see brought to life? We have the power to decided if this is the route or not. I don't have the answers.

I can't tell you where you should should consider investing your money when it comes to this game. I can only share the information and let you decide for yourself.

If you haven't already done so, take a few minutes and check out their kickstarter here and look through what they're trying to do.

UPDATE: The kickstarter has been cancelled and the product is back in development. Followup post here.

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IMAGE: Playable Certification.
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