Happy New Year, a look forward to 2018

Written by Ron Saikowski, December 31st, 2017

Happy New Year everyone!
2017 has been ushered out and 2018 is here to stay. An opportunity for all of us to start anew. Resolutions, goals, dreams, you name it. I want to take a minute to look back at the start of this blog a short month ago and what I'm hoping to do in the coming year.

Let me start with a huge THANK YOU to everyone on social media who has followed, commented and emailed me since I started this blog. Without all of you and all of your contributions, this site would not be growing like it is.

How I decided to start blogging again
The past year saw me playing Space Hulk on a regular basis with my friend as we worked our way through a custom campaign and building up our Space Marine forces. Building and painting minis and slowly developing a custom ruleset that reflects the way we enjoy playing the game.

Around September or so, I stumbled onto my old Magic cards and found myself instantly drawn back into another game I loved so long ago. It's been a crazy journey since then rebuilding my deck and learning to play online.

Between those two games, I decided I wanted to get back into blogging and start sharing what I've learned in both worlds with others. From rules to tactics and everything in between. Around early November I started building this site and getting it designed and set up the way I wanted.
A couple weeks later I had most of the bugs worked out and a relatively stable platform to start sharing my thoughts on. I still have a little work to do on the site. There's always bugs to chase (no pun intended), website coding issues to resolve and other spot fires to put out.

So what's the new year have in store?

The Old School Blogging Community
I'd like to see this continue to grow into a hub for Space Hulk and Old School magic bloggers alike. I know I check it every few days to see what's new in the blogging world and have found great articles I would have otherwise missed.
You can check out the Community here.

The Artists specializing in Magic Card Alters Page

Another resource I want to see continue to grow as well. First, to help artists get their name out there to be seen and second, create "one" place for interested people to go to check out multiple artists and pick the one they like best to do alter work for them.
You can check out the Artist page here.

There was a huge response to the article I posed on finding a good artist to do alters.
I'm glad the information has proved to be helpful to so many folks.
The second part covers the flip side of the coin... how to find a good client if you're an artist.

Space Hulk in 2018
When it comes to Space Hulk, the first thing I want to do is get my Deathwing squad rebased and back in action for Space Hulk duty. It's been fun playing Deathwatch for the past few months, but I miss the boys in white. Besides, they're a fully magnetized squad so I can kit them out with any weapon options I want for any mission. That's something I can't do with my Deathwatch squad.

Once I get them rebased, I'll do an article showing them off in all their magnetized glory.

I want to see the ruleset my friend and I have spent the last two years developing put online in PDF for anyone to freely download and use. We've changed the game a good bit in retrospect and I want others to benefit from our experimenting with the rules.

There's tons of additional material to share as well from old missions, additional board pieces, new rules for new models not yet "officially" in the game. The list goes on. I want to build up the Archives page into a central resource for Space Hulk players to come to for everything Space Hulk related. All free to download and use.
You can check out what's been uploaded for use so far here.

Old School Magic in 2018
I'm determined to play more games online. I believe each game has a lesson and a story that goes with it and that's what I'm going to share. I want to bring you (my readers) along with me as I relearn the subtlties of Old School Magic. First out the gate will be the 2018 93/94 Winter Derby which promises to be a ton of fun.

I want to learn how to play my deck and maybe even more importantly, I want to teach myself how to sideboard properly. I never did learn how to all those years ago and it's about time I figured it out.

I want to get more of my cards signed by artist too. There are so many stories behind all those signatures. It won't happen overnight, but it's something I can continue to work on in the new year.

I'm going to do my best to build up the Old School Magic community online. Sharing articles, ideas and everything I think helps other players in the format. The more we are willing to share our hobby with each other, the better off we're all going to be.

Thank you to everyone who has come along for the journey so far.
2018 promises to be a great year for the site and the hobby!

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