The internet broke me and this blog

Written by Ron Saikowski, April 19, 2018

It's obviously been a bit since I've last posted. There are a number of reasons for that, but I wanted to let folks know what's going on with the site here.

First things first, prioritizing free time
My available time to create content and then get online to post it has been limited as of late. It's not that I am too busy which is the excuse we often see people using. We all have to prioritize every day and I find my time to get "online" with any regularity at the bottom of my to do list. This may change in the coming months, but for right now, it's going to be limited to say the least.

Facebook doesn't believe I am real
As an added hurdle, Facebook has decided that I am not a real person and has disabled my personal account. I am no longer able to get online using Facebook and communicate with everyone.

I had no clue this happened until I went to log in the other day and after repeated attempts, I found it my account had been "closed." I'm not sure how they decided I am not real and my account should be closed, but apparently there is a process to get them to reactivate your account.

They want a good bit of key personal information I am not comfortable sharing online and I'm not sure exactly how to navigate the problem just yet. We'll see how it goes.

Projects underway will have to be put on hold for now
I have a handful of projects I'm in the middle of right now that are going to be put on hold until I can get this whole Facebook thing sorted out. There are still some folks I have not been able to contact since I'm unable to reach them outside of Facebook. If you are one of those and you have not heard from me as of late, I apologize for that.

The biggest downside to all of this
Losing the ability to connect (via Facebook groups) with other Old School Magic players to play Old School online in those rare moments I have a few hours free. That's perhaps what bothers me the most.

It's not like I was online playing Old School every day as it was, but not having the ability to play at all really sucks.

In a nutshell...
1. My time online will be limited for the foreseeable future.
2. I am not real and have been removed from Facebook.
3. I am working on becoming real so I can get back to doing fun stuff online.

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